Kitchen Duct Treatment

Kitchen Duct Treatment

Kitchen Duct Treatment

Kitchen Duct Treatment

The Air Cleaner might deal with the polluted air from kitchen debilitate hoods containing oil, grease, smoke, fumes, smell and dust particles. A unit can be installed in a creep space or darted between roof rafters. Kitchen smoke and oil vapor are pulled up into the hood. Smoke and oil vapors are pulled up flame resistant duct that prompt the filtration unit inside the building. Smoke and oil are extracted from the air as it goes through the filters.

Auto Clean Series:

Auto Clean Kitchen Air Exhaust Air Cleaning System is the just a single air cleaner available in the market, which has self-washing function. Auto Clean has a wash bar that pivots in reverse and forward while moving the bar along the side inside the cabinet. This duel-motion gives extensive variety of cleaning scope of duel stage electronic cells and when utilized with biologically, concentrated cell cleaner, the AutoClean multi-jet wash framework offers top notch air cleaning effectiveness and cost control.

Eco Smart offers Auto Clean Kitchen Exhaust Air Cleaning Systems that causes the eatery to enable keep to pace as they viably expel smoke, oil and fog from your kitchen air exhaust.

Benefits : 

• AmstroClean kills bacteria, molds, fungus, spores, viruses and all unwanted microorganisms. Thereby preventing the microorganisms from entering the kitchen.

• AmstroClean destroys oils,solids,grease and other contaminants keeping the exhaust duct clean. Thereby reduces the risk of fire in the duct works

• AmstroClean removes all odor and smoke. This prevents odor and smoke from re-entering the HVAC system through the fresh air intakes of near by buildings and offices.

• All this increases the life time of the ventilation system


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