Drinking Water is very important in every aspect of poultry. Water plays important roles in regulating body temperature, digesting food, and eliminating body wastes. Under normal conditions, birds consume double the quantity water than food. Poor water quality can curtail growth, curtails egg production and produces lower quality eggs.

• E-coli and other bacteria are removed completely. Reduces water borne pathogens
• Ozonated water tastes better to poultry
• Accelerated weight gain by the broiler chicken
• Improved egg laying output in chickens
• Increased dissolved oxygen level in water which helps the birds tolerate heat
• No usage of chemicals – money saving

Faraday offers an advanced and complete solution for drinking water treatment in poultry. Installation is very simple with just input water and output water connections to the tank from the system. The system takes in raw water and gives out ozone treated water. This enables automatic operation of the system once the initial settings are done.


Washing Poultry Carcasses & Equipments, Cold Storage and Food Processing :

• Ozonated water is effective as a disinfectant for poultry carcasses without loss of colour and flavour

• Ozonated water kills instantly more than 5 log units of Salmonella typhirium and Escherichia coli cells, as well as 4,5 log units of Candida albicans and Zygosaccraomyces bacilli

• It has been proved that Staphylococcus colonise on de feathering machinery have become endemic with poultry processing plants, and become resistant to normal cleaning and disinfecting, including chlorine. Ozone has got the property of killing and destroying those bacteria effectively

• Ozone during refrigerated storage of poultry has a pronounced effect on flora causing deteriorations and consequently prolongs the shelf life of poultry in cold storage

Air Treatment Systems :

• Ozone Oxidizes ammonical gases, methane and carbon dioxide, creating a healthier environment for the birds

• Ozone in the pens reduces the amount of bacteria & viruses thereby increasing the bird’ s health and even weight by up to 18%. It also helps to improve their skin colour

• Ozone is more effective in disinfecting Poultry sheds and requires no dormant period in which the sheds have to remain evacuated. Immediately after disinfecting by ozone at high concentrations, the shed is ventilated and can be inhabited by the birds and staff safely. Unlike formaldehyde, ozone is noncarcinogenic

• Hatching hens which are kept under ozonized conditions show an increase in the amount of eggs they lay , and a stronger consistency of the egg shell, because of  the corresponding decrease in pathogenic illness and prevention of a toxic build up of disinfectant chemicals. Ozone is used to disinfect incubation rooms and chambers, in the place of chemicals which cause a toxic build-up on the egg shell surfaces and weaken the immune system of the birds